Should I Install a Fan in My Outdoor Kitchen?

Posted by Michael Dougherty on May 16, 2019 8:00:00 AM

01-Hydorn-Outdoor-Kitchen—San-Jose-CA-768x1024You would think that if your kitchen is outdoors, then you would have plenty of fresh air without also having a fan. However, that's not always the case. The amount of airflow your outdoor kitchen gets is as dependent on the weather as it is on your kitchen's layout and design. Plus, there are a lot of other reasons for installing fans in an outdoor kitchen than to just keep you from sweating. 

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Reasons to install a fan in your outdoor kitchen

If you thought fans were just for keeping you cool, we have a few other benefits to share.

Fans keep the bugs away

It's still debatable whether fans are a bug deterrent because bugs can't fly through a fan's air current or because the air from a fan disperses the carbon dioxide humans breathe and also dilutes our sweat, (Our breath and sweat are two things that attract bugs.) Either way, fans are a great way to mitigate the bug problem on your patio. 

Fans diffuse smoke

Outdoor kitchens are for cooking, and when you have things like grills, smokers and fire pits, there's bound to be a lot of smoke floating through your outdoor living space. Whether you install a vent fan that's designed specifically for kitchens or just a basic ceiling fan, the airflow of a fan will effectively diffuse the smoke and make the air much more breathable.  

Fans provide a nice breeze

Nobody wants to sit in static air — that's the biggest reason people choose to install fans on their patios. They want a refreshing breeze regardless of what the weather is doing. Some days bring a cool breeze and other days do not; when you have a fan, though, your backyard breeze is guaranteed!

Types of fans for your outdoor kitchen

Different fans serve different purposes. You wouldn't want to buy a ventilation fan if what you really need is a fan to provide your patio guests with a breeze. Let's brainstorm what type of fan would fit your needs. 

Ceiling fan

Before you go out and buy a ceiling fan for your outdoor kitchen. make sure you have a place to attach it. While it is possible to hang a ceiling fan from a pergola, you'll need to get an electrician to work on the wiring. It's not enough to just have a fan; you need to have proper wiring to power it. 

Once you have all of the electrical logistics worked out, you need to decide on a ceiling fan style — and there are a lot of those. Consider the size of fan that would look best in your outdoor kitchen. Too big, and it will look silly; too small, and it won't accomplish its purpose. Also determine whether you want just a fan or a fan that also includes a light. Once you decide on the basics, you can start thinking about specific styles that match your personal taste.

Wall mount fan

If you can't work out the electrical logistics of an outdoor ceiling fan, try a wall mount fan. Many outdoor kitchens are positioned next to the exterior wall of a home, which sometimes makes a wall mount fan easier to install than a ceiling fan.

Cooking fan

Nobody wants a smokey outdoor kitchen. Depending on the design and layout of your outdoor kitchen, a vent fan could be just what you need! Vent hoods for outdoor kitchens are most often installed above a grill or smoker, but they can also be attached to the counter space around a stovetop or above an oven.

Misting fan

Are you tired sweating on your outdoor patio? Standing in front of a grill can get a little toasty. Misting fans are a great way to stay cool while enjoying the outdoors. However, plan carefully before installing a misting fan. You don't want the mist to dampen your patio furniture or rust your grill. Careful positioning is key.

Pedestal fan

Pedestal fans are not typically a permanent fanning solution. They're usually pulled out when needed and stored out of sight when they're not. If you're not sure whether you want to commit to installing a fan in your outdoor kitchen, start with a pedestal fan and note how often you're using it. If your pedestal fan is getting a lot of use, then consider a more permanent fan like the ones mentioned previously.

Our kitchen designers know fans! 

If you want to talk to a professional about fan types or placement, contact our outdoor kitchen designers. They'd be happy to point you in the right direction.

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