Small Outdoor Kitchen Ideas: 10 Designs to Work with Your Space

Posted by Rachel Allain on Aug 8, 2023 9:23:57 AM

Outdoor kitchens are a great way to have new outdoor entertainment opportunities. An outdoor kitchen allows you to enjoy the fresh air while prepping meals. While large outdoor kitchens can be expensive, there are many compact and budget-friendly options you can implement in a small backyard.

In this blog post, we'll look at 10 small outdoor kitchen ideas perfect for modest spaces. Whether you're working with a balcony, porch, or yard the size of a postage stamp, these creative layouts make the most of every square foot. We'll go over different configuration ideas, must-have features, space-saving tips to consider.

1. Long Outdoor Kitchen with the Essentials


If you don't have the space for a wrap-around outdoor kitchen, it could be worth it to look into a one-wall kitchen design. This elongated layout with grills and appliances all lined up allows the cook to easily access equipment from both sides.

The design above features all the best tools you need to get started: a gas grill, a kamado grill, a side burner, and a mini fridge. All of these elements offer utility for many different cooking scenarios. This optimized one-wall layout makes the most of the small available space while offering the appliances needed for diverse cooking methods

2. The Square for Small Outdoor Kitchens


Maybe you want an outdoor kitchen but your yard is the size of a postage stamp. No worries. Arranged across two adjoining walls, this square-shaped kitchen squeezes all the essentials into a petite footprint.

With all the necessities packed into this shape, you can become the host of your dreams, without losing a ton of space in your backyard. Be intentional and smart with your kitchen design and you can work with any space. Even the smallest outdoor spaces can accommodate an elegant and functional cooking area.

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3. Tiny Outdoor Kitchen with a Backsplash


This is a simple but great way to get an outdoor kitchen in your backyard. With a grill, fridge, and storage space, you have all you need to get started. This pared-down setup may seem straightforward at first glance, but a showstopping backsplash elevates the entire look.

Not only does this backsplash lend aesthetic appeal, it serves the practical purpose of guarding the walls from grilling messes and heat. The pops of color and artful materials of the backsplash transform this compact cooking corner from basic to beautiful. So rather than blending into the background, this small but mighty outdoor kitchen becomes a conversation piece that you and your guests will gravitate towards.

4. Small Outdoor Kitchen with a Personal Pizza Oven


This design takes the idea of having a personalized backsplash and adds more to it. Extend materials from the main counter and cabinetry trim to create a backsplash that seamlessly connects the entire look.

Another way to achieve a high-end, polished look without blowing your budget or crowding your small space is to install a personal pizza oven rather than build a large brick oven. Small pizza ovens can bake pies fast without requiring expensive masonry work. Place your compact oven on the counter for ease of use. If you don't have a lot of space, this is a perfect way to get your pizza craving covered.

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5. The L-Shaped Outdoor Kitchen


An L-shaped design is a great choice for an outdoor kitchen, allowing you to maximize workspace and efficiency in a compact space. Arranging appliances and cabinets along two adjoining walls creates ample prep room and storage while keeping everything within arm's reach.

What's better is this smart configuration makes great use of the length and width of the space, offering a feeling of working in a real kitchen. An L-shaped outdoor cooking zone also promotes multiple cooks a chance to cook together with ease.

6. Angled Outdoor Kitchen with Plenty of Storage


If you already have a grilling space and don't want to pay for a bigger attached setup, it could be worth it to add a stylish storage space. The angled outdoor kitchen counter can easily follow the flow of your space and allows for more underneath storage space than a traditional L-shaped design.

For outdoors chefs who value a tidy, clutter-free environment, an angled outdoor kitchen devotes maximum real estate to keeping everything in its place. With more counter space up top, you have more room to perfect your recipes.

7. A Covered-Patio with Pizza Oven


If you have to have a decent-sized patio or deck, but no room for an outdoor kitchen on the remaining part of your property, we have some good news. With the right supplies and care, you CAN build a kitchen on your deck or patio. 

This design saves up yard space for a pool or backyard games while also making good use of the available real estate on your deck. With non-flammable materials and careful attention to how much weight your deck can withstand, an outdoor kitchen is possible for your porch.

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8. The Patio Kitchen with Bar Stool Setup


When designing an outdoor kitchen, it's important to consider not just the cooking functionality but also how guests will be accommodated. Optimize both hospitality and compactness with a bar-height countertop adjoining the grill. This layout allows the cook to showcase their skills as a chef while keeping friends and family close by.

Compared to squeezing in a dining table and chairs, the bar-height countertop and stools allow you to maximize seating. For small outdoor kitchens, this integrated bar concept combines guest accommodation with engaging entertainment and conversation around the cooking action.

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9. Just the Basics (But Make it Flashy)


For an outdoor cooking space with visual impact, focus on quality over quantity. You don't need an imposing setup with endless high-end appliances to create a stunning look. With careful attention to design and artful use of materials, even a compact, straightforward kitchen can make a spectacular style statement.

The visual interplay between thoughtful chosen materials creates intrigue and depth. Factor in creative use of color and decorative tile or inlay patterns to make surfaces pop. With its harmonious blend of inspired ingredients, this outdoor kitchen dazzles the eye while still saving space. You can forgo the sprawling showplace kitchen in favor of a smaller one tailored to your unique style.

10. Outdoor Kitchen and Pergola Combo

beverly family

With this one-wall outdoor kitchen design, we've added a custom fit pergola to protect the cook from the sun. This stacked configuration provides shade and shelter without eating up the walkable space in your backyard.

Outfit the pergola with adjustable canvas shade covers to allow control over sunlight exposure. At night, consider adding lighting built into the pergola framework for illuminating a late-night grilling session. This stacked ensemble design makes the most of your vertical space to provide protection from the elements while conserving valuable yard real estate.

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