Designing Comfortable Seating for Your Outdoor Kitchen

Posted by Michael Dougherty on Jun 30, 2016 8:00:00 AM

Seating in an outdoor kitchenHaving an outdoor kitchen doesn't make too much sense if you're just going to cook your food outside then bring everything inside once it's done. It makes way more sense to host your whole party outside, so as you start planning your dream outdoor oasis, don't forget to include spacious outdoor dining areas with comfortable seating for your guests.

We've compiled some helpful tips for you to keep in mind as you're planning your outdoor eating spaces so that you and your guests can sit back and relax in maximum comfort:

Comfortable Outdoor Seating

  • First, think about the type of dining area you want: the amount of leg space a person needs varies by the setting they're in. If you're going to have high, bar type seating, you'll need to include a 12 inch counter overhang for knee space. If you're going to have counter-height seating, plan to have a 15 inch counter overhang. If you're going to have normal, table-height seating, an 18 inch counter overhang will provide the perfect amount of leg room (or 19 inches to make it handicapped accessible).
  • Next, consider the room needed to eat: Now that everyone has enough room under the table, let's talk elbow room. Allow 24 inches of width between each chair and place setting to give each of your guests plenty of table and personal space. Allow 36 inches to make the table handicapped accessible.
  • Finally, factor in the "traffic" moving around the dining area: You don't want anyone backing their chair into you as you're carrying the food to the table, so be sure to plan ahead for traffic. If your dining area will be in a low traffic area, you'll only need 32 inches of space around the dining area. If your guests will be seated in a moderate traffic area, allow 36 inches of space behind each of the chairs. If your dining area will be in a high traffic area and you wish for no chance of an accident, leave 48 inches of space around the table.

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