5-Star Hot Dogs Inspired by the Land of the Free

Posted by Michael Dougherty on Jun 27, 2019 8:00:00 AM

jay-wennington-280328-unsplashIf you're like the majority of the American population, you're probably grilling burgers for the 4th of July. You'll also toss some hot dogs on the smoker just incase you run out of burgers or to give the kids another option, but burgers are usually the main event.

What if you did something different this year? What if you made hot dogs the highlight of your 4th of July cookout? Grilling them is easy; it's the toppings that make them truly spectacular! Since we're celebrating America's Birthday in just a few days, let's look at some truly American dogs that are inspired by different parts of the country.

1. California Dog

We're in California, so of course we're going to showcase the California Dog! But we're not sharing this recipe out of obligation. The California Dog is the perfectly colorful combination of fresh and zest. 

>>Make the California Dog

2. Seattle Hot Dog

Whoever was sleepless in Seattle clearly never ate the Seattle Dog — because you'll have no problem snoozing by the pool after downing this puppy.

>>Make the Seattle Dog

3. The Great, Incomparable, Classic Chicago Hot Dog Recipe

We won't go into whether or not Chicago's dogs are better than New York's, but we'll go ahead and give you the most authentic and traditional Chicago hot dog recipe we could find and let you decide for yourself.

>>Make the Classic Chicago Hot Dog

4. Detroit Coney Dogs

We have Detroit to thank for the coney dog, but these cheesy dogs are so good, it would be a shame to leave them in Michigan. You can't go wrong with coney dogs this 4th of July! 

>>Make Detroit Coney Dogs

5. "Bulldog" Hot Dogs

Coleslaw + Chili = Delicious! Thank you, We're not sure what made Atlanta decide to combine these two specialties on top of a hot dog, but we are so glad they did!

>>Make Bulldog Hot Dogs

6. Classic New York Hot Dog

New York takes great pride in its traditional sauerkraut-topped hot dog. If you're ever in NYC, you absolutely must get one, but they taste almost just as good here in Cali on the 4th of July!

>>Make Classic New York Dogs

7. Brooklyn's Corniest Hot Dogs

Corn on a hot dog? Yup! Don't be fooled by the name, though. Cilantro, Cotija cheese, and cayenne pepper give this Brooklyn dog plenty of Southwestern flare!

>>Make Brooklyn's Corniest Hot Dogs

8. Hawaiian Hot Dogs with Grilled Pineapple and Teriyaki and Mayo

Hawaii isn't all pineapples and mangos — although they may put some of that on their hot dogs. If you want a sweet and smoky dog, these are for you.

>>Make Hawaiian Hot Dogs

Top off your 4th of July!

There's nothing like good food to bring people together for a celebration. So, now that we've given you some tasty recipes, remember that we're here to help you make sure your outdoor kitchen is also ready for the party. Let us know what you need!

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