Outdoor Kitchen Design Trends for 2019

Posted by Michael Dougherty on Dec 27, 2018 8:00:00 AM

Cooking colorfulThe rapid approach of a new year always seems to inspire us and spur us toward new endeavors — perhaps an endeavor like designing an outdoor kitchen or breathing new life into the one you already have. Either way, 2019 is opening the door to new trends that could influence a whole new backyard paradise for your home.

Keep reading to find out what design trends are on the cusp of the coming year and discover how you can incorporate them into your lifestyle.


People love things that have been custom-made for them and specifically designed for their space. Whether it's a grill, a countertop, a fireplace, or a table for your outdoor kitchen, custom pieces speak volumes. They are treasured for their one-of-a-kind aesthetic, and if you played a part in the design process, customization is a testament to your own personal style. 

The best part about incorporating custom pieces into your outdoor kitchen is that even if your design is trendy in 2019, the sentimentality behind that piece never goes out of style. Consider how your custom pieces might become heirlooms for future generations. 


If trendy had an antonym, it would be the word timeless  — which is what makes this section of our article so ironic. Timeless styles are trending right now and are expected to continue trending into 2019. Why? Because timeless, classic designs don't have to be updated every 5 years.

Wondering what's timeless as far as outdoor kitchens go? Think granite countertops, stone fireplaces, and wood pergolas.


One trend that keeps design alive is blending different styles to create more unique ones. For example, the industrial chic style mixes durability with delicate accents — think iron bar stools beneath crystal chandeliers.

Shabby chic is a similar stylistic blend. This decor is often emulated with combos such as wood and marble or stone and stainless steel. Blended styles will continue popping up in the coming year.


If you have an outdoor kitchen, or you're toying with the idea of getting one, then the outdoors is obviously your cup of tea, and incorporating an organic feel into your outdoor kitchen should be easy. Here are some ideas for 2019:

  • An open-air pergola open-air with some sections exposed to direct sunlight
  • Potted plants or container gardens
  • Grass-covered sections instead of rugs
  • Fountains or other water features


An outdoor kitchen is expected to be functional and attractive, but if it is not also livable, then what's the point in having one at all? One of the best ways to make an outdoor kitchen livable is to incorporate plenty of seating options. Built-in seating is becoming especially popular for several reasons. First, it saves you from having to pay for each one individual chairs. Built-in seating, which is usually in the style of benches, provides you with more seating for less money!

Built-in benches can easily be made into cozy couches with the help of some cushions, pillows and blankets. Accessorizing your built-in seating is the most cost-effective way to keep up with trendy styles. When your pillow and cushion designs go out of style, your can replace them more affordably, rather than purchasing a completely new couch or patio furniture set. 

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