Gear Up for Football Season by Upping Your Outdoor Entertaining Game

Posted by Michael Dougherty on Aug 23, 2018 5:50:00 AM

FootballIf you're any type of football fan, you've probably already started thinking about the upcoming season and how you can entertain guests in your outdoor kitchen area on game days. 

You should absolutely plan some football-centered get-togethers this fall, and we want to help make your backyard tailgates successful with these great ideas.

Small bites and big appetites

People like to snack — and they'll do a lot of it at your football party — but it's also nice to know that there's something heartier in store for after they're a few beers in. Absolutely serve your guests small bites for appetizers, but also make a hearty main dish such as pulled pork or beef brisket in your smoker, pizza in your pizza oven, or burgers on the grill.

What can I get you to drink?

Beer is a must when you're grilling out or tailgating, but a lot of people don't like beer. Mix up a party punch for those who prefer a game day cocktail over beer.

And while we're on the topic of drinks, keep your beers in a cooler instead of the fridge. With people constantly opening the fridge, it won't keep your beers very cool. Instead, putting your beers on ice will keep them icy cold. 

The necessary side gig

Most football parties have at least a few guests present who showed up for the food and friends, not for football. And honestly, you need those people at your party because they balance out the intimidatingly hardcore football fans and keep the party laid-back and casual for everyone.

For your friends who live and breathe beyond football, it's a great idea to have some other activities that can keep them entertained and engaged. Here are some ideas:

  • Cornhole. Arguably the ideal tailgate game, cornhole is the perfect way to move without too much effort. Honestly though, you should be putting your cornhole boards out anytime there are people in your backyard.
  • S'mores. What's better than dessert? Dessert productions! The event of roasting and assembling s'mores is the real reason why people love them so much. Sure, it may have a little something to do with the chocolate and marshmallows, but people also enjoy the chance to create their own dessert over a fire.
  • Grilling. Some people need something useful to do before they can really start enjoying themselves. Put those people on grill duty so they feel helpful and are still interacting with everyone at the party.

Just-in-case snacks

You really never know how much food people will eat during a football game. A good host knows to always make more than enough food, but there comes a point at which the leftovers stop looking appetizing. Your cheese dip gets clumpy and your wings were long gone five minutes into the second quarter. That's when you pull out the backup snacks you've been keeping on standby in your pantry.

Open fresh containers of salsa and guac, grab some chips, pop some popcorn, and toss some mozzarella sticks on the grill. Once your guests see that there are fresh snacks, they'll dig in all over again, and nobody will go home hungry.

Upgrade your outdoor kitchen

If you're really serious about entertaining friends this coming football season, consider what upgrades your outdoor kitchen might need. Click on the banner below to find out how much it would cost to make the design changes you desire!

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